tied to the branches (kommentierte tracklist)

eine meiner lieblingsbands, „tied to the branches“ hat ein mixtape für meinen iwantedto.be-slot bei radio corax angefertigt.
es läuft in der nacht von samstag auf sonntag (4./5.5.13) ab 1h auf corax und ist hier dauerhaft archiviert, gefolgt von einer bonusstunde mit verwandter musik.

im radio corax-programmheft für den mai steht gekürzt dieser text:

„das trio aus san francisco hatte erst kürzlich die überaus erfreulich unmackerhafte ep „light of day, it’s ok“ veröffentlicht. 5 tracks mit je teilweise über 8 minuten laufzeit. rudimentärer widerhallgesang, dezente bis dominante gitarrenwände, zunehmendes schlagzeug, ekstatische endmündung. ohne vorher nicht vorhandenes langhaar headbangen oder grunzen zu müssen.
verpackt in medikamentendosen wurde die physische e.p. in ihrer limited edition. erklärbar durch die tatsache, dass bandmitglied brad l dermanouelian selber co-founder des sagenhaften „sleep genius“-labels ist.
das label wird von sich reden machen, die band hat sich leider kürzlich aufgelöst.“

brad l dermanouelian kommentierte die songs auf der tracklist, die sich im wesentlichen aus seinem lokalen musikkosmos in san francisco speist:

01 Laser EYES – Tied to the Branches (Laser Eyes)
Title track from the last Tied to the Branches record. This song is about aliens landing in your back yard and burning weird alien symbols on your wall through your window with their eyes.

02 Bad Evolution – Chasms (Bad Evolution 12″ Single)
This is the first Sleep Genius release. This song is why the label exists.

03 Sound of a Void – Wax Idols (Discipline & Desire)
Wax Idols are fantastic! I went to this record release show here in SF and it was one of those perfect nights. Chasms and The Mallard opened. All three bands were at the top of their game.

04 Fear From Behind – Concrete Island (Concrete Island)
A cassette-only release from Sleep Genius featuring two hardcore guys playing with synths, sequencers and a 4-track cassette recorder.

05 a vampire song (rise and shine) – Marc Manning (here’s a breaking sound)
One of my favorite Marc Manning songs. This one is about all the thngs an obsessive-compulsive vampire must do before stalking his prey in the dark of night.

06 Bogus – Whirr (Pipe Dreams)
Whirr is another San Francisco favorite. The next Sleep Genius release is the lead singer of Whirr doing solo songs called King Woman. She has a beautiful voice and writes gut-wrenching songs.

07 Heavenly Blue – Chasms (When It Comes)
This song is from the very first Chasms cassette. I played this tape over and over again when I got it in the mail. It made me want to get them into my studio immediately!

08 3 – Brad DerManouelian
My own song I wrote while setting up some equipment in my studio. I used some weird tricks to get the guitar to sound like that and I don’t think I could ever do it again.

09 Flowers Open – Some Ember
Tied to the Branches opened for a band called Man/Miracle. They disbanded and the lead singer/songwriter formed Some Ember. I’m glad they did. This song is brilliant.

10 sevens – Marc Manning (Cracks in Eyes)
This song was almost a Tied to the Branches song, but it never worked as well as a band as it does with Marc doing it all by himself.

11 black clouds (demo) – Tied to the Branches (tranqs for the memories)
We had been playing Black Couds live for a long time before we recorded it, but we made this demo so the producer could get an idea of what it soudned like. It came out so raw, we fel in love with it and put it on the USB box set „tranqs for the memories“.

12 Insides – The Soft Moon (Zeros)
The Soft Moon is one of those San Francisco bands who are doing all the things I love all at the same time.

13 The Woods. – Marc Manning (Air In The Trees)
Marc performed this song the first night I saw him play. I really fell in love with his music after hearing this one in particular.

14 werehouse – Brad DerManouelian (unsolvable)
I did some solo shows a couple of years ago and this is one of the songs that came out of that. I hand-built the main sythesizer used and played all instruments live in 1 take. I think it was recorded on an iPhone.

15 Black Tourmaline – Black Jeans (Black Tourmaline)
Black Jeans blew me away when I saw them (him) play. Just 1 man, a microphone, and a table full of electronics including a whole suitcase full of of modular synths. Looking in that suitcase is like looking into heaven.


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